Who is this willow-weaver?

Hello! I always find ‘about me’ passages somewhat difficult to write. What attributes and information are most worth sharing about a person? Name, age, and place: my name is Dawn, at the time of writing this (August 2019) I am 28, and I live in a small coastal village in Scotland. Professionally speaking, I work at a university as a postdoctoral researcher (looking at the history of human responses to mountains), but also sideline as both a freelance postgraduate skills develper (this is a fancy way of saying I run writing workshops) and as an aspiring letterpress printer. Personally speaking, at the time of writing I am a few months into a year’s maternity leave with my first baby, a daughter, and am married to a co-willow-weaver who happens to be a rather excellent Scottish historian. We both have a bit of a thing about whales, particularly narwhals. I am a serial beginner of blogs (both personal and professional) and podcasts. I am the kind of person who possesses a surfeit of hobbies, some of which wax and wane over time, but one pursuit which has brought me much joy, many friends, and which I intend to continue for as many years as I can is coastal rowing. As my choice of picture here would suggest, I am happy to admit that I am a slightly ridiculous human being.